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April 30, 2012


FL Motel Goes All-Nude to Boost Bottom Line

(Thanks to Rob Simbeck and Jeffrey Brown)


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Andrew Chow, JD? Good sense of humor, but not worthy of Hamilton Burger.

'We'll leave the Lysol for ya'.

Not just more sunscreen would be needed but a higher UV protection.

Aw ... this is gonna be all indoors?

Heck, that's not gonna attract any tourists ...

But Hodge says his nude motel plan is all about his bottom line. "Every year it gets a little bit worse."

Dude. Been there; seen that.

Bottom line? Got it. Business is sagging, what are you gonna do?

How about complimentary blindfolds. Second thought, charge for 'em and make some money.

least they don't have to worry about pickpockets

In my experience, the bottom line tends to go pretty much straight down.
It does curve in. But that's where the (pay) dirt is.

This place is called "The Fawlty Towers Motel"? I'm in love already.

ligirl, I would worry more about pickpockets!


John Cleese is hilarious, but I'd really rather he keep his pants on. Trousers too.

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