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April 08, 2012


Pants Full of Illegalities

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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I remember the Herman's Hermits. As far as the article isn't that amazing that people do that.

Was she that TSA employee? Just trying to connect the dots...

She knew the jig was up with the cop said "that better be a pistol in your pocket and not that you're just happy to see me."

Herman's Hermits was a vastly underrated group.
I still remember pulling my car over to listen to "There's a Kind of Hush" from far-off WOWO.
I was deeply in lust with a young lady from the next town over and the song had deep meaning for me.
I also remember going up to their band bus after a concert to try to get an autograph. I failed, but Peter Noone grinned at me through the glass of the door. Then he brought out a small flask or bottle and "toasted" me.
But he didn't share.
I never did get that autograph.

We didn't even get to Guess the State.

Like sucks sometimes, Steve. At least he could have shared.

Too sexy for her shirt?

I saw Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits in Pirates of Penzance back in the 80's.

No illegal pants were involved.

Actually, it did take me some Guessing. When will news webmasters learn that non-locals visit, and have no idea?

We saw Drugged Vagina open for Hole.

Lotta ways you could take that.....

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