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April 22, 2012


What exactly is 'Hand Shredded A$$ Meat'?

(Thanks to Jeff Schneider)


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Exactly whose ass is shredded in this dish? Oh yum.

Ass = donkey ... that would've been my guess ... not sure I'm eager to try either one ... and I certainly won't be goin' to China for the experience ... bison, elk, moose or venison is my preference ... merely sayin' ...

While I would initially say "Donkey" doesn't sound like much of a comfort, on further reflection, I have never tasted donkey. Perhaps it is mouth-wateringly delicious, and the Chinese are on to something.

Hey, "Tofu made by woman with freckles" is actually very good.

I haven't had the A$$ shredded meat but I would be willing to sample it.

I will not eat eel or blow fish of any kind. They will kinda "blowback" on ya, IYKWIM.


There is an old joke about Chinese eating anuthing with four legs except the table. They are working on
edible wood right now.

But if you never try anything you will miss many rare
experiences. For example, escargot is snails served usually in a very garlic-ky butter sause, and it is wonderful. But think of it as snails soundes less appetizing. IN Japan I like most of what I served but I have no idea what half of it was. I tried a grey fish that was horrible, and I asked a Japanese elder about it. He said "dame" meanonhg no good and made a horrible face. So you see, we can agree!

Sounds like something made from a Kardashian.

That's what's left after you tear someone a new one.

Yeah, one of the commenters there got it right. Japanese translation "roba" indicates donkey or ass.

Incidentally, funny man, "dame" would be better translated as the instruction "no", or "don't". For "not good" he'd have probably said "warui".

Y'know, I've never had results with Blow-up flatfish. Arugula, yes - results, no. I mean, that would be like having red wine with fish.

It must have something to do with snowboarding because snowboards of my acquaintance often comment on how they shred a$$.

Hand shredded A$$ Meat is what women hand men, on a plate, when they've said or done something stupid.

I suppose it shows a "human touch" that it is hand-shredded, instead of machine rendered. A vanishing skill, as many butchers no longer do this.

Of course in the UK, it's hand shredded arse meat.

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