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April 13, 2012


Zebra spotted (and striped) along interstate

(Thanks to Sharon [The Minx] Lurie)


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I'm beginning to become weary of all these wannabe "journalists" using "spotted" in their "reporting" ... the word is not in my copy of the AP Stylebook ... so I'm forced to wonder about how much reliability or trust I can put into their overall production ...

Loosening of the rules is generally acceptable in feature stories, but in hard news (not gnus), the rules are fairly well set ... laziness, and wantin' to be "cute" is whut I blame ... and algore ...

Was it red all over?

But did it have a Florida drivers license?

Tarzan stripes forever. (Old punch line)

The story says it was coaxed back into confinement with "treats," but I initially read it as "threats," which is funnier if harder to imagine. What would you threaten a zebra with, anyway?

Omni, how about that old military threat, "we'll take away your stripes, mister!"???

Zebra spotted , no
Leopard spotted, yes.

Nuff said.

Of course it was a zebra. Reason? You've gotta draw the line somewhere!

to: bear, gatr
from: babn

can we eat zebr? humn too tuff and give snax.

sind, babn

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