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April 25, 2012


Unfortunately our strict policy prohibits us from presenting the Vietnamese Stock Report.


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Dong Phu Rubber Catches National Seed, Phuc Tien Is Up Again.

Dong Phu Rubber Joint-Stock Co. (DPR)... dropped 0.9 percent to 56,000 dong....

However, analysts are hopeful that inflation of the dong will help DP Rubber bounce back from this flaccid performance.

Sounds like Brooklyn. Hey, Phuc Tien, buddy! I got your Dong Phu Rubber right here@

Funny, I heard Dongs were rising.

I thought Dong Phu Rubber was a safe dating service.

Rubber joints? Bet they taste nasty when smoked.

Bich Phuc had no part in this.

yeah, and dont rubber joints kinda melt?

Dong Phu? Isn't that like a sexual version of Kung Fu?

Sometimes Dong Phu needs rubbers.

Funny man, I think you are correct. Don't see it much, though, since cock fighting is illegal in the US.

'Everybody was Dong Phu fighting'

Tong Thing must be involved in this, somehow.

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