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April 20, 2012


"Words with Friends" allowed this:



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That's the past transitive incipient flunktatable participal of "to poo", right?

I'd challenge. I'm certain "zoo" isn't a real word.

I don't always play Words With Firends, but when I do I play "quixotic" for a triple-letter and triple-word score.


I'd've gone with "pouted" ... fer a potentially larger score when I build "quixotic" later on ...

Except ... I din't have "u" ...


I know... couldn't believe THAT was in there, Olo... it's ancient for strength...

That's nuthin'...

I once played "ditz" for 102 points!

The trick is to put the 'z' on a triple letter with the 'd' on a triple word.

(cue tales of other Words With Friends/Scrabble players that scored better with a four-letter word)

(not that four-letter word)

(or that)


Actually it is a postpartum verbal segue, twice removed. If I am not mistaken.

Chris S. ... I don't have the "tiles" or the "rules" handy ... would "quiz" as y'all state above provide a similar scorin' opportunity?

In case any of you haven't seen this one before... probably faked, yet still impressive! http://www.supertightstuff.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/words-with-friends.jpg


Yog thew exit zoo pooted.

In other words, the link did not work.

That Alec Baldwin is a hoot.

D'oh! I did not realize when you copy something off of here (like the link to that picture I posted) it ads a "read more here: link to this page" thing on the end of it, so you have to delete that. Or just do a google image search for 'best words with friends play' - it is the first result!

It also allows "grok", but not "frak". The common lexicon hasn't caught up to 2000's scifi yet.

I fired up the ol' pooter, and here I am.

I hated WWF. I finally blocked Zynga, the Anti-Christ. Regular Scrabble is good enough for me. And GET OFF MY LAWN!

guin: i only play with myself :) hehehe

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