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April 15, 2012


A great night. And a really nice review in the Times.


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Sounds like you all had fun! Congratulations.

WOWSER! Sounds like a Heckuva deal, to me, Dave ...

No ... let me amend that ...

Sounds like ... Antoinette Perry will be visitin' a certain home in Miami ...

WTG, DAVE AND RIDLEY!!! (Fer inspirin' the tale ... AND THE CAST, AND ALL THEM OTHERS, for their "synchronicity" that the critic found so entertaining ...

Congratulations. It sounds great. I wish I could see it!

That's one of the best reviews I've ever read. Congratulations! I also enjoyed the slide show, love the mermaids with the muffin tins on their chest, and the clip from the show.

i am NOT that drunk, people. cheryl says.

"And yes, the humor is sub-adolescent..."

Well, duh. Has he never been to the blog? :)

Congrats to you both!

Agreed, Ms. Flukey. The true Dave fans in the audience were probably overheard whispering, "Boy, they really cut back on the booger and fart jokes."

Did the RBR's play at the afterparty? And why not? ;-)

Congrats to all involved!

Mazal tov! Terrific review - hope it's a long run.

I saw Steampunk Theater open for Jefferson Starship.

Remember us at the Tonys!

And the Daily News loved it too.

Let's not forget the Post.


Anyone still at home might want to turn on Morning Joe on MSNBC to see Dave & Ridley!

8:33 update: coming up after the commercial - Dave & Ridley!

What's up with Ridley's facial hair?

The Morning Joe (MSNBC) segment link, while it lasts.

Dave may have to get a hyphenated name if this keeps up.

Thank you for the link funny man. Jeff, I think Ridley's facial hair looks very sexy nice.

An absolutely glowing review, I'd say; NY Times theatre critics are not a kindly lot by nature. Here's hope to a long run and lots of royalties. :-)

Oh sure... the Times... They always give softball reviews.

More than once (!) the "authentication of facts" has been based on the premise of " ... Oh, but it was in the Times ..." as the sole standard for proof of validity ...

Considerin' this fact, I'd say the show will have a long run, and audiences will enjoy it to the tune of Beaucoup Bucks spent ... (merely guessin' here ...)

Wow.. those 3 'hosts' on morning joe are awful. Talk about your wooden dialogue generator.

Re: the Post article
"Fart and vomit gags aside, this isn’t a show for young children. It takes an adult sensibility to appreciate lines like..." blah blah blah

Maybe not for toddlers, but my 10-y-o loved it and almost peed her pants laughing. The adult-only sensibility lines were few and far between. This is a show for both children and adults.

"Steampunk theater" with groaning puns and flatulence jokes. How could it miss?

Leetie ... that "must be an adult to appreciate the humor" attitude is merely snobbishness ... or snottiness ... or misguided nannystateismness ... yer cherce ...

I find that my sub-teen and teenage grandkids are WAY more alert and perceptive than I wuz @ that age ...

Besides which already, how could ANY narrative/depiction/tale about Peter Pan NOT be "for kids" ... ? ? ? (Rhetorical question. Ignore it if y'all wanna ...)

Congrats Dave!!

I hope to take Reed and Flynn before long. We were happy to cheer on goal scorer #3 on Opening night!!


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