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April 03, 2012


Watch the video.

(Thanks to wiredog and Not My Usual Alias)


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So is there a fijord in their future?

So, they're gonna fix the lorry down there or what? And, that guy's prolly gonna need a new tow truck unless they can fix it down there, too.

That's gonna leave a mark ... on the landscape ...

I wonder how many cross country skiers he took out. Don't they scrape the roads in Norway?

"Hello, Prudential?"

I'm sure they had a good Olaf over it.

Shameful. A tow truck captain always goes down with his truck.

Hello Jessica? This is Jerry.

I hoped they would get Fjordia driver licenses.

I'm guessing that the trucks will be there until Spring when access from the water is probably easier.

I wonder if this footage could be the new "Agony of Defeat"

Have you driven into a fjord lately?

This is why I prefer Florida to the Great White North.
One rarely tumbles over a snow-covered cliff in Florida.
A sharp curve on a sand-covered road, on the other hand, adds a certain excitement to your day.

So how do your co-workers feel about your new Fjord?

(honest answer): They don't like it, or me, and want me to get the heck away.

"Time to tumble? Try a Fjord!"

I can not help wondering if texting or drinking was involved.

Does the insurance pay "double Jeopardy" when the
rescue Tow goes down with the Lorry?

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