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April 05, 2012


If you're going to claim to be somebody else, don't have your named tattooed on your arm.

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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No think ink finks dink.


Police scanners remain overloaded with pending checks on "Jesus", "Mother", "Harley", and "Wanda".

Didn't Tattoo open for Mr.Roarke on that weird TV show?

I took my friend Randy to a bootlegger to buy some beer (years ago...OK, decades).
I told him the guy was dangerous and would ask him some questions.
But Randy was nervous and, when asked his name, told the bootlegger he was "Scott".
The bootlegger refused to sell to Randy.
After we left, Randy asked what he'd done wrong?
I told him that "Scott" doesn't usually have "Randy" monogrammed on his shirt pocket.

Tattoos: The artistic equivalent of a bar-code.

Myself I'd rather have a bar tab than a bar-code.

I'd rather have a free bottle in front of me, than a pre-frontal lobotomy ...

Or did I mention that already?

If you have to have your own name tattooed on your arm, you're probably not to bright to begin with.

Wayne Black would never be so stupid as to getting his name tattooed on his arm.

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