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April 05, 2012


Church cock victory joy: 'it's huge and majestic'

(Thanks to Ed. Floden)


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It's really fun that our cock won

I'm just going to leave that alone. Let's see what our blog friends can do with it.

Majestic? I'm happy with adequate.

And despite that cold climate.....

"According to Swedish lifestyle magazine Land, it is a rotating cock, which when blown, spins on ball-bearings that were donated to the church by Swedish bearings' giant SKF."

That's some smooth-movin' cock.

Fotos? I think this is a lotta Bull ...


...Majestic? I'm happy with adequate... Yep, that is what your wife says. ;)

Paraphrasing George Carlin: Isn't a lot of life about
whose Church cock is bigger? That's why we have wars and conflict, so we can get the bragging rights?

"The Sunday Cocks" were founded in 1930, and have twenty-five active members today.


"Cock of the Year" award obviously is within Sweden
only, or they would be sur-prised!!!

Well, isn't someone feeling proud and cocky? Let's see..who could it be? Someone who wants to be
powerful? Could it be...Saintan?

Oh, quit your bragging already, Donald.

I didn't know Lutherans carried on so.

Cheese' ... they's Swedes ... that prolly explains a lot ... or, mebbe not ...

"It's really fun that our cock won..."

But if the fun lasts for more than 4 hours, see your physician.

"Having that personal connection to the cock was also something extra special."

We can hope so.

NOT havin' that "connection" would be really "extra special" ... in the werst possible way ...

Cue music from "2001: A Space Odyssey"....camera pans slowly upwards, but instead of a black obelisk, it's a huge and majestic......uh....chicken?

Praise the Lord and pass the... um, eggs?

A congratulatory Bespoke Willy Warmer seems in order.

'it's huge and majestic'

♫ You're so vane

That just sounds wrong.

You should see how it blows in the wind

I think Dave should consider a "Cheap Shot Inviting Headline of the Month (so far)" category.

I would think that having a "huge and majestic" cock on a Sunday morning just might have an adverse effect on church attendance.

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