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April 03, 2012


Allendale, Mich. (WZZM) - A student at Grand Valley State University says her guinea pig is an emotional support animal, not a pet.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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They tend to nod and grunt a lot while pretending to listen, which makes them like most men.

Emotional support? OK ... but if she uses baby talk to "relate" to the critter, I'm gonna puke ...

UH, Hello out there in dopey land. Pets ARE emotional support.

When I had cancer and was going through radiation and chemo, my pups would sit quietly while I threw up and I knew that they were there. They didn't bark or try to get too close. They seemed to know what was happening.

They helped me get through the worst of it by being emotional support.

makes sense to me, boa constrictors are real pets (and they eat guinea pigs) but guinea pigs are the starter pets you give to a child to teach them about pets, not real pets.

Never heard of an emotional support guinea pig. The silliest I heard was an emotional support parrot, and at least that can talk to you.

"It's okay. Awwk It's okay. Awwk Take your meds. Take your meds. It's okay. Awwk. Polly want a cracker. Awwwk.

Scientific studies show that the drunker guinea pigs are, the more they think of themselves as emotional support animals.

My cat has been demanding that I purchase an emotional support guinea pig for him for years.

If you live in Allendale, you need all the emotional support you can get.

Whut amazes me about the entire concept of "support animals" is that a (typical) Westie can be a rock of caring and concern, whilst one is in distress ... and when one is back among the living, they return to their "normal" state of Being Supreme Ruler of the Universe ...

Um -- guinea pigs live about two years. She's going to need a lot more emotional support shortly...

Companion animal? Try telling that to a Peruvian.

Update on the emotional support guinea pig: The pig died.

Problem solved, I guess.

That's about as funny as a comedian's rant on that
comedy radio channel about his "Service Monkey", who
would throw feces and howl when the monkey was "stressed".

Not all pets can help, or be supportive. I doubt most guinea pigs would be able to get help or dial 9-1-1 when you needed it.

Out in my neck of the woods, some folks are suing the local mall for not allowing their miniature horse inside as a service animal.

Mr. Ed would comment, but he's a little horse. too...

Double snork, Elon.

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