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April 06, 2012


So you men should not click here.

(Thanks to Ty Jones, who says that fortunately he never saw them open for anybody)

(Also thanks to Allen at Division and Jon Reeves, both of whom note the name of the hospital, which we are not making fun of) 


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According to the story, the ambulance "transported him to Ball Memorial Hospital"

I saw "Scrotum Horror" open for the Sex Pistols.

(BTW, nice visual aid in the article there with the hand. I haven't uncrossed my legs yet.)

How many times did they feel the need to say the word 'scrotum' in the article? Too many.

I take it his "on again/off again" girlfriend is "off again"...much like his you know what.

I don't blame the cop for double locking the cuffs and checking for fit. Wouldn't want to take a chance of her getting her powerful claws on his scrotum.

Paramedic: "Where's this guy going? Mercy?"
Other paramedic: "Nah, let's take him to Ball Memorial. Bwahahahahaha!"

I wonder why he broke it off with this little ray of sunshine? By "on again/off again" I'm assuming they're talking about the relationship and not his man parts right?

Jeff -- that would be adding insult to injury.

He's missin' a lot more than work! Work would be the least of my concerns.

think he'll ever bounce back?

(& *snork* @ the flag pole placement - kinda rubs it in, no?)

Sounds like a fun girl. Does this mean that she's available?

He gets really p-o'ed when the office jokers ask him
"how's it hanging?"

Yeah, the photo was great. Strategic camera placement!

I feel sorry for Dave. He gives you guys a warning at least! Can you imagine sitting down to your morning cup of coffee and opening this story?

I especially like the ad placement to the left of the story.

Muncie is also the home of Ball State University; the family was very philanthropic. Supposedly, the University Art Museum has pictures labeled "Hung by the Balls."

Brutal Scrotum Attack used to tour with Dire Straits

I foresaw a dire future, and divorced her (maybe it isn't the same woman). Being in the Navy is scary enough.

This is why most guys don't sit around the house naked.
On, that's right. He was "working" on his computer.
That explains it.
BTW, if she ever gets out of jail, she should have a court-ordered tattoo on her forehead, "Danger".

And he was taken to BALL MEMORIAL HOSPITAL...how appropriate...

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