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April 16, 2012


French police swoop on 13 tonnes of contraband Eiffel Tower souvenirs

(Thanks to Omniskeptic)


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And the French immediately surrendered ...

Oh ... wait ...

Nevermind ...

i'll sleep better tonight.

They should check to see if they're made of gold. (Lavender Hill Mob with Alec Guinness, 1951.)

sacre bleu!

and we fart in your general direction.

( arms akimbo ) Stop spelling " tons " that way. I mean it. Stop it right now.

Wasn't Arms Akimbo in a picture with Carmen Miranda?

Clankie: "Tons" are English measurement and = 2000 librums. "Tonnes" are Metric measurement and = 1000 kilowhatevers.

So in metrics it's " Gonnes and Roses "...? Well, who knew ?

Yeah, and stop spelling "tire" "tyre".

I mean it.

And quit switchin' yer "s"es into where there should be "z"s ... and vice versa ...

I'm with Wolfie ... I really mean it!

For a second, I thought they'd stolen the keystone.

I'm shocked! They told me mine was a rare, one of a kind, souvenir.

NC: It is now...

My thoughts too Jeff in Ann Arbor. Great movie. However, since I'm in South Bend I must ridicule and abhor your post. Beginning shun now.........

Queensbee, does that mean your socks are blue?

Now LeDud. It's not nice to shun people. btw, I had no idea you were Amish.

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