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April 12, 2012


300 packs of potpourri incense stolen from Thurmont gas station

(Thanks to Blunt Hobo)


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You know it wasn't me. I despise that smell.

I'm betting it was mimes.

Maybe you could smell your way to the culprits.

Police want to know the whereabouts of Slim Jim.

Thurmont MD is pretty close to Camp David. Obama rarely goes there. Maybe the Secret Service wanted to enhance the atmosphere of the place.

Calling this stuff "potpourri" is deceptive. I am incensed.

Something is rotten in Denmark Maryland?

Humph. If I want to alter MY mind, I just get on the Internet and read political press releases.

Some marketing whiz-zo thought up "potpourri" as
a name to cover the smells from Jersey.

Then came the parfume, then incense. Then Martha Stewart.

One bad idea, not "nipped in the bud" can spawn many others.

$55 for potpourri? Makes gas look cheap.I'll stick with the little Christmas trees-- which last longer if you leave the plastic on.

When I first read that, I thought it was "patchouli" and assumed it involved the "Occupy" mob...


But Mazar, can you get high from the plastic Christmas trees?

Gas station bathroom smell vs 300 packets of potpourri. No contest.

we saw Wafting Terror open for Ozzy.

*Prolly not much point in commentin' on the incenseitivity of this "news" article ...*

Michelle: "Barak, light a match."
Barak: "Secret Service guy, get me something."

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