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April 17, 2012


Because, you know, it's been awhile since anyone mentioned it.


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Well, if it wuz in the Times ...
it's gotta be true ...
Peter and Them
got a Rave review!

Dang ... dunno where that bit of doggerel came frum ... nah ... I got nuthin' ... once again, Dave & Ridley ... WTG! Gotta be a good feeling, eh?


Mentioned what?

well, i woulda watched. but i cant stand that rightwing nutcase joe. sorry, dave. maybe you'd like to be on, oh, say, rachel maddow show??

Dave wrote a play? When? When did he have the time?

Gee Dave, are you related to Superman? Because you
are one Super! dude....


I posted this yesterday, FYI. See the link for the NYT review and follow the comments.

Just saying...

funny man, that's fine, but a lot of people don't read the comments. as i've always said (though i haven't in a while): if you have something worth posting, you should send it in and then it will get posted in the normal way.

First a hit play, then his son wins a Pulitzer. Now what? I think this would be an excellent time for Dave to announce his candidacy for president.

Great interview, and Happy Birthday to Paige!

I was amazed, actually, that I hadn't heard any more about this since yesterday.

Gotta try to keep up, Clankie ... the onrush of gnus today is a virtual stampede of information ...

I hope Paige is getting her cut of the profits since she was the Creative Artist behind the books.

I predict a Tony for Christian Borle and a first runner-up for Ridley in the Wolf Blitzer lookalike competition.

Next thing we know, Dave will be writing the Peter episode for Once Upon a Time.

I'm thinking if I somehow wind up in an airline seat next to Dave or Ridley, and they ask if I'd like to see some pictures of their Broadway opening? It might be a good time to pretend to be asleep.

(j/k. Congrats to the proud parents, and judi the, um, midwife?)

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