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April 08, 2012


Bad Easter Bunny Photos


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Dave, Happy Easter! May today be great.

I see the Saddam Hussein Bunny Suit Company, Inc. is still in business.

Seriously Deranged Bunny Syndrome.

Dave, Judi, Wlater and Bloggerts: Happy Easter!

That Bunny has issues. Looks like he's hopeless, homeless, an addicted and ugly rabbit. Send him to the Betty Ford clinic!!! Don't blame the kid for crying at all.

The photos are even funnier.

#4 looks like the alien Poorly dressed bunny,

and the second #4 proves Jimmy Carter wasn't lying.

[Somebody needs to learn to count edit.]

Happy Easter... May your family events be safe

Happy Easter/Passover!

That's the Freddy Krueger of Easter Bunnies for sure.

In other news, Dave's coming to St. Pete! I knew it would happen sooner or later, and I will be there hoping to finally meet him. I can't find my old "Dave Barry for President" tee shirt. Will there be a new a edition?

Happy Easter/Passover to everyone! If your Easter Eggs are out in the sun for more than 4 hours, don't eat them.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter
- a day of sunshine without sorrow, or dismay
May all your family & guests
be Here today & gone tomorrow... today

Hare today and goon tomorrow?

HE Has Risen. Happy Easter ALL!

Did you see the size of the mouth on that kid in #13?
Forget the can, her opening that thing to scream would be a huge dollop of whoop-a$$.

Happy Easter to all. Please pray and remember those hit by tornadoes here in N. Texas. We have bad thunderstorms today and some of the victims do not have roofs (patched or at all). Thanks.

I saw Nightmare Inducing Bunnies open for The Stones.

I'm sending prayers and good thoughts your way MOTW.

Many prayers your way, MOTW.


For some reason, the first photo brings Stephen King to mind.....

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