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April 17, 2012


Police handcuff Ga. kindergartner for tantrum

(Thanks to R & L Stevenson)


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blah blah blah overstepping blah blah blah jack booted thugs blah blah blah right to expect blah blah blah somebody think of the children

Isn't Milledgeville where the Georgia insane asylum is?

Mixed feelings about this.
I walloped (spanked) my then four-year-old grandson last year because his actions were putting both of us in physical danger and he would not calm down. It got his attention but didn't leave so much as a red mark, so I don't think I was too hard.
Unfortunately, my daughter tends to be an appeaser who thinks you can always reason with a child, which you can't if you're in danger.
For the record, my daughter was spanked once, by my wife, so she's not reacting to childhood trauma.

ok. restraining, maybe. jail cell? for a 6 year old? what is wrong with these people?

Girl being dragged away: "Come and see the violence inherent in the system!!"

Dunno about this, but sumthin' has me suspectin' that there's not a lot of discipline in the home ... kid whines, gets whut it wants, no consequences ... not quite how a situation will tend to teach the kid there are responsibilities and consequences for their actions, IMH-BLC-O ...

I recall one of eldest among my nieces ... SIL had a sorta similar attitude on "reasoning" with her offspring ... once @ a campground, Mom wuz doin' sumthin' near the fire ring, kneelin' down ... kid walked past, and gave a yank to Mom's long braid ... a hand IMMEDIATELY shot out with a slap ... kinda got Niece's attention ... she's grown up now, excessively intelligent and apparently none the werse fer wear ... merely sayin' that "parenting" of any given type will provide guidelines for development of attitudes -- whether they become "mature adults" or "otherwise" can be blamed -- or credited -- to the patterns chosen by the parents ...

I see both sides. But always the parents seem more
concerned with the "trauma" of the child's being arrested than finding out why the child acted out or stopping that behavior in the first place. If this had been on a jet flight endangering passengers and flight crew (like she knocks over a refreshment cart and throws passenger belonging...) would this punishment have been less appropriate?

I've seen too many parents try to reason with or appease the child, seemingly unaware of or very indifferent to the effects the child's behavior has on others. Parents need to step up and raise the kids right, and maybe that means discipline. I got spanked by both parents and it taught me that there
are consequences to wrong actions/behaviors.

Just saying...and the police could have made her listen to Barry Manilow for hours...no less cruel and unusual, if ya know what I mean...

Yes it's home to the state mental hospital MikeyVA. I know because I'm originally from a small town, Sparta, which is outside of Milledgeville. My cousin is a warden at the women's prison in Milledgeville.


Thought so. This kid is in real trouble. If you read what her parents said she is going to be in and out of trouble all her pitiful life.

She and her parents need counselling and intervention or she will be a horror all of her sad life.

Send her to OWS

Oh, sure -- let a six year old throw a irrational, self-centered tantrum, and we slap her in jail. When an adult does it, he wins the Tennessee primary.

My uncle was the chief of police in my hometown and my folks brought me up in fear of ever getting hauled to the police station and embarrassing my uncle. It nearly worked, too.

Bad cops, bad. The problem is not restraining the child, but using handcuffs. Police handcuffs (even the universal ones) are not designed for use on very small wrists like those of a 6 year old and are dangerous. To keep handcuffs from sliding on the wrist they have to be tightened too much, as should have been obvious. Blind adherence to policy in the face of reality is just plain stupid.

By the time I was six, I already had a file with the Feds. I'm not sure if it caught up to the file from when I was older or not.

We had a stern principal who could scour the flesh off a boar's head with a mere sideways glance. Handcuffs were unnecessary.

Clankie, my mom could do the same look.

Handcuffs would not have been necessary if they had used a Taser. Better still, arm the teachers, and let them Stand their Ground.

Max seems to know an awful lot about handcuffs... NTTAWWT - IYKWIMAITYD.

The school in question is in the district where my sister teaches, so I'll be sure to ask her about it.

She THREW a BOOKSHELF at the principal? That is one strong 6 year old.

Probably one of the hardest aspects of growing up (as opposed to growing older) is that moment when you realize that the world really couldn't care less about your feelings.
It is a defining moment, if you survive.

If I was put in jail for that kind of behavior, I would beg them not to call my mother and just let me rot in jail. My mother would have busted me down and had me strung up. She did not tolerate that kind of behavior - still doesn't - she's a tough old bird.

If I had pitched a fit like that my mom would have, "given me a reason to cry."

Yep, like Clankie and NC, my Mom and Dad could freeze Mercury with one look!

Went to Catholic school had Sisters who could make you say a fast Hail Mary by walking toward you.

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