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April 16, 2012


Wife drives 2 miles with soon-to-be-ex on hood

(Thanks to R & L Stevenson)


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That sounds kind of crazy.

Sum of those hoods on minivans are kinda sloped and small ... mebbe she should've had an old LTD or Cadillac with the half-acre hood?

Did she get him to change the wiper blades as long as he wuz there?

Can we guess the state now?

She should have put him in the trunk. That way you can't hear the screaming. I mean, how awful! What a terrible thing to do! I am glad he wasn't hurt.

In a mini-van there is no trunk, an Oldsmobile is the car you want to not hear someone in the trunk. They don't make Oldsmobiles anymore and these days you have to slip someone a Micky before a drive in the country,and that's a hassle because they're usually not in shape to dig. Note also that with many modern cars the trunk is not deep enough to carry someone, which can be embarrassing, so be sure to check first.

Or so I've heard, not that I would have any knowledge of things like that. I repeat that I know nothing about what happened to Sully after he was found taking to the FBI, or Vinnie when he forgot his Newark privileges were revoked, or Donnie when he did that to my sister.

A couple of the most recent rental cars we've had were equipped with quite large trunk areas ... plenty of room for several pieces of luggage bigger than allowable as carry-on ... or whutever one might wanna put into a trunk ...

I read about this by the wife of the guy who wrote
think, was THE WOMAN WHO MISTOOK HE HUSBAND FOR A HOOD ORNAMENT. I think their lawyers are battling it out now, much like these two will soon be.

Boyz on the Hood.


I was thinking mostly of the new Lincolns. It's a nice spacious trunk, but all the space is up and down. You want a trunk which is deep, so you can dump someonething in and go. Unless you want to twist them up like a pretzel it's hard to fit a person some things into a Lincoln trunk.

OK, max ... we've never rented a Lincoln, so can't compare against whut we can afford ... merely recallin' that MB(RH?) suggested a similar-type car should we ever have "special needs" of disposal ...

*Hopin' she wuzn't thinkin' specifically of Moi Ownself ...*

I had no idea this blog was so educational.
Hasn't anyone considered the uses of bungee cords?

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