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April 13, 2012


Baboons can learn reading skills

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Good enough. Send 'em to Washington.

The four-year-old Dan, the star of the bunch and about the equivalent age of a human teenager, got 80 percent of the words right and learned 308 four-letter words.

Whereas human teenagers seem to only master one or two four letter words.

Yeah, but can they write? Reading and writing are two needed skills most employers value...

They did this already. And of course, they did NOT learn to read, which explains many of Congress's voting on bills that they don't read..

I find it interesting that the baboons choose to learn English, rather than French, considering that the researchers are in France.

This could be interesting, but when they learn to type "Alex, I'd like to buy a vowel ..." ... mebbe we should increase our level of concern about the future ...

Next thing you know, the arm of the Statue of Liberty will be poking up from the beach.

No Monkey Left Behind.

dear babn,

you want help eat humn? make deal?

sind, bear

Bunch of teenage baboons impressing each other by using four-letter words? Just like junior high. Nothing to see here.

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