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April 22, 2012


A woman has been arrested after a shop dummy was entered as a candidate for the council elections in Aberdeen.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Cheap Scottish humour.

Representation of People Act - Does that mean a bad painting is a violation?

If a dummy just showed up to vote, rather than wasting her time running for President, she'd have been a better rep than the one in my district.

I took shop in high school and none of the dummies looked like that. Do we have a photo editing problem?

Totally confusin' (or oxymoronical) quote: "The mannequin - which it understood ..."

Well ... whut's it gonna be?

If the mannequin could "understand" ... then it's smarter than at least half of Parliament ...

If so ... whut's the problem? Too MUCH representation? for the people?

Remember this is Britian, the UK, the Queen's Land and
all that rot...they dues things differently.

In USA, in some areas, this is not a problem. I submit for your consideration a mannequin named
Al Gore....

OK, f'm' ... I'll add George McGovern to yer list of examples, tho he seemed more sincere in his ineptitudinalness ... and Walter Mondale ... who wuz ... um ... who wuz Walter Mondale?

Joe Biden too

Aye got to be careful, if Helena Tory had been elected she would have made the human councilors look bad.
"And the cleaning staff say they see Tory in her office still working even when they go home for the night."
"Constituents report happiness with the way she listens to their problems, saying that unlike most councilors she doesn't brush them off mid=speech to play golf."

... um ... who?

(I know ... Who's on First ... tho I think he'd be a better choice to place a heartbeat away from bein' POTUS ...)

Joe the Gaffe-O-Matic is in league of his own.

I would vote for Anne Francis. And, since she is also dead, she can vote in Florida.
(The After Hours of TZ, for those non-geezers.)

so Horace would like a little Honey in the West wing?

And Bruce would be First Cat.

hands down mannequin winner - mittens romney. blank man.

Washington? this could spawn a new group of birthers

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