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April 13, 2012


Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin said he barely escaped the wrath of four bears outside his Montpelier home Wednesday evening.


(Thanks to Omniskeptic)


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Between the quotes, "Shumlin... used his strongest Vermonter to scare the animals off," and "Real Vermont boys don't wear pajamas," I'm forming a disturbing image about how this confrontation went down!

Governor Peter, indeed.

>> The sow might have been aggressive because it perceived the governor as a threat...<<

Naked politicians are always a threat.

So ... the Gov wuz " ... wearing as much as the bears were." ... ?

Has he tried Nair?

Mebbe sum of the blogit gals could offer him a full-body wax ... ? That'd determine if he's a strong Vermonter, eh?

Isn't it against the law in Montpelier to frighten a bear while naked?

Only if also playing the bagpipes, Horace.

Actually, I think it matters HOW you frighten the bears while naked.

“With somebody as high-profile as the governor, it brings to light that it’s not just us crying wolf,” LeCours said.

It is crying "bear" not "wolf". I wonder how this man managed to be named Vermont Fish and Wildlife Chief Warden if he cannot tell a wolf from a bear.

Being this story involves a politician, I'm waiting for the follow-up story with Guv. Shumlin explaining Goldilocks' statement that "This one is too soft!"

The real question is, does a Governor sh!t in the woods? I know if I saw four bears while naked the odds are I would.

max ... IIRC, Vermont has the smallest G&F-type agency of all 50 states ... yup ... even smaller than ours in Nodak ... so ... mebbe the Chief Warden is exceptionally good @ his job, and merely mixed a metaphor ... or he's related to half of the legislature ... whutever ...

The Democratic governor has obviously dealt with Black Bears before. Do not try this with Republicans.

the governor was exercising his right to bare arms

.......and legs....


everything else

Yeahbut, ligirl ... Orono is in Maine, not Vermont ...

"Bare Gov. Shumlin barely bails on bothersome bears

My candidate for headline of the year, so far!

....Mebbe sum of the blogit gals could offer him a full-body wax ... ? That'd determine if he's a strong Vermonter, eh?

Nurse Cindy and I will be right on that! (Heating wax up)

The momma bear was probably trying to cover the eyes of her cubs.

At least we've answered 1 of the questions about what bears do in the woods.

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