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April 15, 2012


Ketchup-covered homeless man bemoans tourist effect on Key West

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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I will just venture a guess that if you put it to a vote the good people of Key West would decide that homeless guy covered in ketchup is even more of a problem than tourists. But it might be a close vote.

sounds like he was having a condimental breakdown

Well, when you're lying in the middle of the street covered in ketchup, contemplating the many injustices of life, and your flask is empty, what else can you do?

I'm sure that many other homeless people--especially those covered in ketchup--would agree with him. However, most of them just sleep it off.

And I'm sure he will entice current residents to stay there and outlaw tourists--or the homeless. Hey, when you are "mental" ya takes your chances.

Great. Now I'll have this running through my head...

Traffic wardens ticket dog
Doo-dah, doo-dah
Ketchup-covered homeless man

...all the live-long day.

So they put him in the cooler? I thought ketchup didn't need refrigeration.

Hey, Mr. Language Person, shouldn't that be "Mrs. Blog and me? (Not literally me, of course, since I haven't been with Mrs. Blog [that you know of] but you, but of course in the first person since you are the one speaking.)

Oscar Meyer was in Key West...?

Here for example (continuing from a previous comment on taxaloonology, the science of classifying loonies) is a case where the identification is simple: a drunk.

They put ketchup on their homeless in the Conch Republic?

Becuz ... they DON'T taste like chicken?

The mustard man must have gotten away.

ha ha ha, whoo! (wipes away tear of mirth) boy, those metally ill people sure are a hoot! i'm glad they are suffering for my entertainment!

What's wrong with having ketchup on your buns and wienie? Where else would it go?

So this is what Rush Limbaugh does on weekends!

He was charged with a "miss-da-wiener".

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