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April 03, 2012


US flying car cleared for takeoff

(Thanks to jon harris)


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If Meigs Field still existed, this idea would really take off.

It may have "the rounded features of a Fiat 500," but I hope it has a better frequency-of-repair record. On the other hand, judging by my experiences in getting Fiats to just run down the road, getting one up in the air is probably not all that big a concern.

*Foresees the day when "sky rage" will overtake good sense ... followed by escalation to bigger and better ordnance ... mid-air dogfights over who passed whom ... jet power ... and a huge surge in the market for F-4 Phantoms, F101s and Mig-17s ... *

As a Washington Beltware qualified driver, I can only say, "God help us, every one."

But will it blend?

Ralph -- I think the term is "mash" and not blend.

Father's Day is coming.

Calling Snoopy ....

What kind of gas mileage does it get?

Years ago an engineer in San Diego made a car/heliocopter about the size of an Isetta. When the driver was in traffic he could automatically put up the rotor blades and take off. He said on TV he was having trouble w/the brakes, however the next we heard he was testing it and dropped like a rock. Guess it wasn't the brakes that were the #1 problem. I was disappointed because I wanted one.

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