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April 03, 2012


A mother discovered live maggots crawling inside a packet of airline nuts on board a Qantas flight - after she'd already begun eating them.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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All of a sudden, the pork recti don't sound so bad, eh?

ew - ick.

'I couldn't talk. I was nearly throwing up. I was beside myself.'

Hey, I give her major points for restraint. I'm throwing up just reading this.

They probably charged her extra, too!


I investigated a case nearly like this, involving candy bars containing nuts and "live entertainment". The store was complaining against the wholesale warehouse that sold them.
But I collected the case of candy bars and had the lab examine those with entry/exit holes in the wrappers and those with none.
All contained maggots, so the problem lay with manufacture and not the warehouse.
Nuts are roasted prior to use and in rare cases, some area of the lot will not reach suitable temperature.
OK, now I'm back to retired.
Carry on.
Now I want a peanut.

I had just finished a search and rescue training class on how to eat _anything_ and survive when I opened a Baby Ruth bar and discovered that my teeth didn't cut all the way through it. When I pulled the bar apart, I discovered a rat tail.

Had I not just had a lecture on how to eat raw grasshoppers ("Wings pointed out, otherwise it lodges in your throat"), this would have made me ill. Instead, I took it to my instructor and asked him if I passed the course.

He agreed that I did!

Ah, time for breakfast!

"Airline nuts"? Do they mate with railroads?

This is clearly Phase I in a revenue-enhancing ploy. I foresee an Air Sick Bag charge coming up soon.

It was in transparent packaging - no excuse! At least look at your food before you start shoveling it in your mouth.

Heck, this wuz a freebie-type bonus package.

Added protein ...

Did they charge her for them?

Oh and Pirate Boy, Two words, ICK and EWWWW!

Since I am sitting on an AA 757 reading this I think I will pass on the nuts.

Would you like flies with .... oh, never mind.

First they take away our packing knives. Then they take away our latex gloves. Now they want to take away our protein ?

Live entertainment on the plane: The Beetles.

And remember, Australia has the biggest flies in the world. They are about the size of U.S. bumblebees, my
college friend Gary, an aussie, told me.

My cousin who has lived in Sydney for years says Melbourne is the giant, cannibal fly capital of the world. They don't even taxi to a stop, just swoop in and take a hunk of meat out of your arm.

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