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April 03, 2012


Estonian bubble soccer.

Do not miss the video.


(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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Our soccer club is looking for a fundraiser.

I think we might have a winner, here.

Do they paint them orange for Halloween?

I suppose that's one way to cut down on hand ball violations.

What a bunch of bubble sockers.

I'm going to go out on a limb & bet that alcohol was involved in the creation of this..

Rather amusin' how the seemingly more aggressive players are the ones takin' the bigger tumbles and bounces ...

Key innovation for Florida drivers?

BE the ball....

Is the ref also in a bubble?

would be hilarious if you were estoned-ian

The Estonians should send a freightload of bubbles to those Park Slope neuro-parents.

This will go over big time with helicopter parents.
And the kids, come to think of it. They can do whatever they want and then just DARE their mothers to spank them (as if they would).

We saw the Rolling Estonians open for The Kinks.

'a rolling estonian gathers no peat moss'



♫ How does it feel -
to be without a home?
like a complete unknown - ???

One advantage I can perceive fer these dealies is that, when the teams go to the locker room, some of 'em won't hafta say "Watch where european ..."

(becuz the whole team can watch)

The Estonian Department of Health found a use for all of the "off-size" condoms that they ordered from a bargain outlet. Seemed like a good deal at the time.

Reminds me somewhat of THIS.

those are the condoms from naked gun

Strip down ... for an Estone soul picnic soccer game ...

Gives new meaning to "play the man, not the ball."

sure it looks like fun and all, but let's see them play basketball this way

If the helicopter parents have their say, this is how their little darlings will play soccer. Oh and the ball will be a Nerf ball and there will be not score kept (except by the kids.)

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