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April 25, 2012


The Kardashians have signed a $40 million deal for three more seasons of their E! reality show

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who asks, "Where is Homeland Security?")


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Doesn't this fall under the "no cruel and unusual punishment" prohibition of the Constitution?

Thank the heavens for channel changers and mute buttons.

My worry is that this will encourage them to breed even more Kardashians and soon we'll be overrun.

I say it's time to nip it, nip it in the bud.

How many blog guys clicked on the "Heidi Klum Bares All" link? I like the idea of them branching out to the U.K. However I think they should move there so they can soak up the culture and get to know the people. Maybe Kim Kardashian could run for queen after she buys a castle or two.

And yet the so called United Nations does nothing.

I'm with Barney.

I say, don't watch them until they stop torturing Capt. Picard.

more people need to watch ice loves coco. really.

Hasn't Orkin made a Kardashian repellant yet?

...and Jesus wept...

Thus validating (again) my decision to live a life free of TV!

In related news, Viacom stock reached a historic low, as did its executive staff.

I don't know who Klum is, Cindy.

I don't understand all the negative comments. That's no way to be talking about the future mayor of Glendale, California!

I propose we name a new disease "Kardasian Syndrome - an annoying, itchy rash that arrives out of nowhere and has no known cure."


punkin - that would be a 'Karashian', & i hear it's a b!tch

I believe the editor confused the headlines - the headline attached to the preceding article should be used for this one.

They're on TV?
I always wondered why they were famous.
I mean other than having an a$$ that can eclipse a full moon.
Wait. Was that mean? I mean an a$$ that has its own gravitational field.
Credit where due.

The Mayans were right.

I hope.

Due to our (Omniskeptic International, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of GiantSataniCorp, Inc.) strict policy of ignoring the Kardashians, I cannot comment on this posting.

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