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April 14, 2012


London 2012 organisers wanted Keith Moon to play at Olympics ceremony

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who says "Maybe they can get Jimi Hendrix instead.")


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Typical of a lot of Brit "thinking" ... completely unaware of reality ...

Clive: "Oh dear, how embarrassing."
Ian: "Yes, unfortunate that. Perhaps we could see if Jim Morrison is available?"
Clive: "Wonderful idea, get on it!"

i understand John Lennon and George Harrison might be available.

Won't get fooled again, indeed.

Ian: "Hey, Clive! Keith Moon is on (psychic) line #2!"

Clive: "Who?"

Ian: "Exactly!"

He's dead, Jim.


he's a dead-beat

I think they should get sumbuddy really classy, who's also a bigger star than Elvis, The Beatles, Billy Joel, and Garth Brooks all rolled into one ...

I recommend John McCormack* ...

Oh ... wait ... he's Irish ... and dead ... nevermind ...

(*At the peak of his career, he wuz, in fact, that popular, if sales and money are converted into today's currency values ... merely sayin' ... )

Is Keith Richards dead enough to qualify?

A small child once said "Mom, when I grow up, I want to be a drummer."

His mother scoffs and replies...

"Well son, you can't do both."

Well, they did succeed in putting together a team of superheroes for the games:


Maybe they thought Keith was a superhero, those guys are always coming back from the dead.

No wait, I know what happened. They wanted to ask Keith RICHARDS, but one of the organizers said, "He's most certainly dead by now. Let's try that other Keith fellow."

I'm reading Keith Richards' autobiography and I must say, it is pretty entertaining all told. I guess not all of his brain cells were destroyed by drugs.

"If there's a Rock & Roll Heaven..."

Elvis has left the building.

Is Chales II slated to MC the opening ceremonies?

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