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April 18, 2012


California lawmakers won't be briefed any longer on kangaroo harvests in Australia under a plan to scrap more than 700 reports required by state law that Governor Jerry Brown unveiled on Tuesday.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Since they have no money and will have to start saving money by cutting backn on essentials.....no wait.

I hope that they don't cut back on the mandatory daily report on Peter and the Star...oh, wait.

Jerry Brown is going to unveil unbriefed lawmakers? No, wait.

I read that Aussie Roo Report cover to cover, every time it comes out. The swimsuit issue alone is worth the subscription price.

Who really cares about F******g 'Roos in Austria?

Oh ... wait ...

Kangaroo Harvest Opened for the governor's ex, Linda

Followed by Heaving Petting. It was the 80's man...

But first, roo roo.

Were those reports ever necessary? I mean, why would California need to know.....? Methinks some sort of substance was involved in creating them in the first place, dude.....

I work in IS and am proud to say I've made reports that were more worthless than this ROO one.

Great news, now the people from Fish and Game will be able to enjoy their annual 4 week taxpayer-funded trip to Australia to investigate the kangaroo harvest. The need to produce a report was always a drag on a very important trip.

Does anyone actually think that some person sat down and wrote a new report every year (as opposed to, oh I don't know, simply printing out last year's report and changing the date?)?

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