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April 24, 2012


Cow wanders up to McDonald's drive-thru window

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Cow to drive-thru worker: "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

"Just a salad then...?"

I guess that means the meat is fresh.

I'm resisting the urge to include another food outlet's slogan that involves cows.

Maybe Darcy is a cownnibal.

If the cow wuz hummin' ... well, mooin' ... "Won't you come home, Bill Bailey ..." ... I'd surmise that there's a romantic relationship that's been terminated ...

Well if she'd gone inside they would have insisted she wear shoes, so of course she went to the drive through.

she was seeking her long lost cousins, to free them!!

'A cow named Darcy is receiving a lot of attention.....Darcy's son, Zach, was baffled, but found it quite funny. His mother interrupted his track meet to tell him about it.'


hmmmmm....... my son once strained his calf at a track meet

It's common knowledge a fair share of heffer's have dined a Mickey D's

I hear she was powered by methane.

"The family was not fined, since Brush doesn't have any "cow-at-large" laws."

What a primitive community that must be. What are they thinking? What about the children?!?

Darcy just had her first Brush with the law. Unbulleaveable.

She thought it was a Dairy Queen

"Please. Just kill me now and eat me."
It's what all the bored emos say.

I didn't know MickeyD's HAD fava beans and a nice chianti...

snork @ dairy queen

O.. M.. G..! DrPat hails from Brush, CO, long, long ago...

Don't know the McD's drive-thru, but we once had to chase a coyote out of the only movie theater in town. Joe the owner held the rear door open while his father, the refreshment stand gal, and I took a break from our regular gigs (I sold tickets from the booth out front) and played round-up between the rows of seats and up and down the aisles.

Damn critter peed twice before it finally saw the light and dashed out the rear exit.

That was more than 40 years ago - Brush doesn't seem to have changed much since!

Found the beef!

Darcy went a-hoofing, and she did roam, uh-huh.
Darcy went a-hoofing, and she did roam, uh-huh.
Darcy went a a-hoofing, and she did roam
With a sword and a pistol by her side, uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh

Darcy wanders up to McDonald's drive-thru window, uh huh.
Darcy wanders up to McDonald's drive-thru window, uh huh.
Darcy wanders up to McDonald's drive-thru window,
Gave three loud raps, and a very big roar, uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh

DrPat ... that's a great story ... much more excitin' than where I spent most of my life (the biggest gnus wuz usually who wuz datin' whom ... who wuz pregnant (not necessarily related to datin') and who narrowly avoided gettin' busted for DWI ... oh ... and the animals in town wuz mostly deer during the winter ... more deer in town than people ...

Gimme a McSoylent with fries.

Listen to me! Burgers is cows!

> applause for Horace! <

Darcy was undercover for Chick-Fil-A.

got milk?

They mention this "cow at large" law as though the rest of us are very familiar with them.

Oh, how cute. That's funny.

Is this the Mad Cow that was reported today?

nah, she wuzn't mad ... merely a bit bemildred and lonesome ...

But, where were Bewitched and Bothered?
Geezer time!

Steve ... WOW! I'm impressed! Y'all gnu about them three, heckuva talent, eh?

The three bat characters in Walt Kelly's Pogo were Bewitched, Bothered, and Bemildred, you realize.

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