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April 15, 2012


It's a lovely day to go to the theater in New York. 

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You both look wonderful! Congratulations on all the great reviews.

So the sign with Dave & Ridley's names on it was too big to get in the picture, right?

Dang dang dang! I was almost gonna be there today!!! Enjoy the show ;-)

PS On facebook (for those whose timewastng talents are on par with mine) PASC is asking trivia questions about the book/show. I answered one about Vermont with "Montpelier." Let's see who the REAL cognoscenti are. ;-)

Break a leg!

Congrats, Dave! Very cool!

Dave - Glad you're being recognized for the ☆ you are !

(and you & your wife look amazing!)

" Brazenly infectious "

Why do critics always use the same phrases your dermatologist uses ?

author! author!

Lol @ the clankster. Acme, acne, whatever.

Don't be so rash Clankie.

The show gave me goosebumps.

New York in general makes my skin crawl. Could it be bedbugs or fleas?

Beyond that, it's a really amazing city. Broadway is one of the seven wonders of NYC. The four foot sidewalks (four feet higher than the street in some areas) is another. But it's always fun to visit, so long as you don't scratch, itch or infect.

Congrats again Dave. So when is Bloomberger gonna give you the keys to the city? You deserve it!!

I just had a thought--four foot (raised) sidewalks
and the saying "Break a leg" might be related!

(Pssst! DAVE! Does yer wife know y'all're gettin' cozy with a Foxy Babe* while in NYC?)

(*and I mean that in the BEST possible way!)

That's one way not to lose your spouse in New York: co-ordinated outfits. Well done, Barrys.

As mentioned (several times) this is a really fun show (and funny - yes, there is a fart joke) and if you get a chance to see it you should jump at it.

Is it just me or are the people behind you wearing the same clothes?

Who's that guy next to Michelle Kaufman??

Tuxedos, evening gowns, limos, searchlights playing against a star-studded night sky. Broadway openings ain't wut they used to be.

Looking forward to hearing that Tony acceptance speech! I like how Dave is all "urban hipster" with his black sweater. And Mrs. Blog looks stunning!

Nice looking couple, The Blogs are. Very matchy matchy!

Have a great opening and don't forget us little blog people that made it all happen.

wow..even the other people in the picture are matchy matchy with The Blogs...

Siouxie, what shade of blue would you call Dave's shirt? I'm going with Navy, but as a guy of the male persuasion, you know I have no fashion sense...

er, "but as a guy of the male persuasion, you know I have no fashion sense..."

What I meant was, "Me, being a guy of the male persuasion, ain't got no fashion sense, but you, being a girl in all the right places, know this about me." Or something. Or maybe I just go out and shoot myself.

or at least shoot my dangling participle...

Dave and Ridley on the red carpet. I knew Dave would have to change his clothes.


Ignore last post; redo:
Dave and Ridley on the red carpet.
I knew Dave would have to change his clothes.

Nice picture Dave. That show would be awesome to see.

Congratulations, Dave! And you and Mrs. Blog look...sensational!

It's like the tourist version of the Algonquin Round Table.

*TRIPLE SMACKS* businessowner.
Also, just in case they haven't noticed:

-------------------------------------> Door.

Besides that, n'cin' ... b's'k displays his lack of English/usage/punctuation VERY prominently ... so one should guess he din't learn much frum those "union" teachers ...

How does one "teach union" ... we never had that class in teacher education when I went to college ... must be the conservative leanin' in Cheddar-head-land ...

woo hoo!!! Opening night!!!!

Judging by the price tag, I'm going to wait till this can be savored like all great classical plays: On Project Gutenberg.

Dave...Congratulations to you and Ridley and Michelle, and all the flyers over Broadway! (and ignore "Businessowner Still Kicking." Since his column's tagline is "Standing up for Milwaukee", kicking would seem problematic. Which perhaps is why he apparently lost his balance and fell on his head. Neener, neener...)

That's "Mrs. Blog and me...

Congrats Dave! And *snork* at Clankie

DANG Dave, you didn't tell me the black tee and blue jean club was meeting again...dang!

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