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April 02, 2012


Man Attacked by Mountain Lion, Saved by Bear

(Thanks to Poker)


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Feral Lions. Raging Bears. I thot they din't allow animals to be wild in CA ... ruins the ambiance, they say, so they created a neighborhood association the ban such behavior by the critters ...

A friendly beaver could do me a world of good, let me tell ya.

I keep telling youse guys out there -- knock off da inter-carnivore aggression. We got a deal, remember? You get da antelopes, da deers, da salmon -- like dat. We get da cows, da pigs, da sheep. An' no eatin' up on each other!

Youse can have Ted Nugent, if you want.

Cats bad. Bears good.

Bears still suck.

Just read another article saying this was total bullsh!t perhaps perhaps not entirely truthful.

Ya think?

Sounds oddly like a book by Dave Barry.

Where was sasquatch?

Yah, I tend to believe the hiker guy ... the CA F&G outfit does NOT wanna admit ... nor do the "treehuggin' public" either ... that mountain lions do, in fact, attack people ...

Heavens! They might hafta discipline the kitty with a slap on the paw, or sumthin' equally fierce and cruel ...

nah - not squirrels. its those woodchucks ya gotta watch.

I have my doubts.
I was attacked by an ocelot when I was a kid. The cat basically was hungry and didn't want to be hassled.
My injuries were superficial but still worse than shown in that photo. And an ocelot is a smallish cat.
I call B.S. (Bear Scat).

Da Bears beat da Lions.

He did a little gold panning afterward. Wow, he's got more brass nuggets than gold.

A moose once bit my sister...

Møøse bites can be painful...

Care Bear?

Once again we return to "The Huge Molars of Horst Nordfink"

Was it Smokey Bear?

He is an honorary, imaginary Park Ranger, I hear.

Duh. The bear didn't rush to HIS rescue. She had a cub; and figured while the predator was busy with other prey, she'd get in a few licks of her own.

Not so much touchy-feely as an astute geopolitical-type judgement call.

I hope he stops that unbearable lyin'.

Maybe it was smarter than the average bear.

You know those "bear-proof" trash can lids they have in the national parks?
I saw a mama bear reach right into one of those handles and open the lid faster than I could.
And Yogi hangs his head in shame.

Steve - That's a favorite of mine. She's a smallish female bear, living along the Appalachian trail, and she's figured out every iteration of the bear-proof containers that they come up with. I wish I still had the link to the story -- it had diagrams of how she got the lids off and everything.

I'm just thankful she doesn't have a laptop.

I would personally drink the hydrogen peroxide after such an incident but that's just me.

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