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April 11, 2012


Nude maid service raising eyebrows in Texas city

(Thanks to Ed. Floden, who asks, "Only eyebrows?")


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Stewart wouldn't say how police planned to keep tabs on the maid service
I imagine they'll keep a close eye on things.


I remember when I lived in Austin and the local news was shocked - Just Shocked! - that the "Bikini Maid Service" was really a front for prostitution. The news service was forced to show many pictures of women in bikinis.

I'm not sure that it only raised eyebrows...

What next... nude accountant service...?

JG, I hope you are right but some maid services are pretty poor. Some don't even raise the bed skirt to vacuum under the bed, which I consider criminal.

Have any of you blog guys considered that some of the "maids" could be male?

nc: Of course not. A male "maid" is a valet, silly.

Remember the Russian newscasts from the period shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union? Nude newscasters. They may still be doing it, for all I know.

"You get a nude lady with every fully comprehensive motor insurance. If you just want third party she has to keep her bra on, and if it's just theft... Python -- probably Eric Idle.

Clankie ... I can't think of a single accountant among the several I know, that I'd wanna see nude ... \

Merely sayin' ...

What they don't tell you is that most of the maids are old men.

Cleanin' dirty.

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