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April 16, 2012


A lickable elevator.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Gotta be a good idea, innit?

Of course, to avoid transfer of diseases, they'll hafta change the decor after every trip up or down ...

(Gotta reiterate, sorry: The Brits ... no thot processes anywhere near the realm of reality ... )

Let's hope one can tell which have been licked which have not.

or have had boogers smeared on...

So this is a mix between Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Great Glass Elevator.

Back before my dad retired he'd travel around the world to science (SCIENCE!) conferences and for research. He said that the best way to keep your immune system up to date was to go to the airport once a week and lick a banister.

I thought the English pooped in their elevators. Pardon me, "lifts."

What could possibly go wrong? And how long before the first lawsuit?

Clearly the decline of the English Empire has a lot further to go.

Beware of the Cookie Monster.

Mebbe so, Clankie ... but this little adventure in idiocy should thin the herd quite a bit ...

If I remember my childhood correctly, Gene Wilder thought of this first.

Let's see, is the exact center of this "lift" as far as I can get from the walls?
Maybe if I levitated?
Hit "down", please.

*Looks at copyright date*

And by my childhood, I apparently mean my mother's.

I agree Steve. I don't even like to push the buttons on an elevator so there is no way I would lick one. Can this be far behind?

I always wondered what the far left meant when it called someone a "running dog lickspittle lackey," and now I know.

"The snozzberries taste like real snozzberries!"

Or something like that, almost as good as fizzy lifting drink, they'll think of that next.

A lickable rest room ?

Sometimes a lick while getting the shaft can be a good thing . . .

Jus' sayin'.

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