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April 24, 2012


California company invents marijuana vending machine

(Thanks to Just Some Guy)


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Genuis! Put one in every car dealer in California, and
you'll sell a lot more cars! and Pizza too!

where were these people in 1967??? huh??

Dude! This is better than Cheech and Chong's Ice Cream Truck!

California needs to be careful. I'm beginning to think that the residents are nothing more than pot smoking liberals. btw, does anybody have change for a dollar?

Does it giggle and say " Oh wow ! " when it gives you your change ?

No, Clankie, its says "Sweet, Dude!"

Next up will be crowbar rental dispensers adjacent to the Autospense machines.

When empty sounds like Sean Penn's head.

Bet it takes EBT cards.

Who would of ever thought that a day would come where there would be a marijuana vending machine.

If it helps, when I was in college, I knew a guy who was CALLED a veritable marijuana vending machine.

Host:"In front of you, you see three doors marked door number one, door number two and door number three."

Cheech: "Number three. It's number three, man."

Host: "Behind one of those doors, BoB, is fifty pounds of Lebanese blonde hash. Ooooo-aaah, makes your eyes red just thinking about 'em, huh?"

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