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April 11, 2012


Woman gets drunk, breaks into a house and tries to breast feed stranger's baby

(Thanks to Allen at Division and Jeff Meyerson)


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read the comments --hilarious!!!

"Women do this all the time...it's called Marriage."

The urge to get drunk is the most powerful one in nature. What?

"Can you top that?"
"Get that stupid baby out of the way, and I'll try."

How does a story about a drunk South Dakotan make it into the UK Daily Mail?

It was helpful, though, that they included the picture of a random woman breast feeding.

strangest story ive seen. i guess she got into the adult beverages.

The UK papers seem to have quite a bit of silly Yank stories lately, not up to the number of silly Brit tales we've been seeing, but a fair amount. Two countries, divided by a common language and united by a common substance, ethyl alcohol.

We try to keep things sumwhut rational and non-weird here in the center of the continent ... fer them problems beyond our skills, we send 'em to Sodak ...

*Ponders the potential success of sayin' "Dave Barry told me to do it!" when the police arrive ... *

Dan: The Daily Mail has become one of my go-to sources for "news" and that definitely includes weird American news.

I'd have charged her with Trying to Intoxicate a Baby.

I'm glad they had that picture. I never knew what breast-feeding meant before.

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