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April 06, 2012


Synthetic whale vomit could shake perfume industry

(Thanks to The Perts)


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'Thar She Blows' wbagnf whale vomit perfume

Women. Demand real whale vomit. Accept no substitutes.

What humpback?

I saw Synthetic Whale Vomit open for Brutal Scrotum Attack.

Great show.

$50/gram? Have ye seen the white whale vomit?

I just wonder, could I make more money picking up whale vomit or flogging my dolphin?

I wore drunk girl vomit once.

But not by choice.

Synthetic? Is this some kind of gag?

I am definitely shaken, too. Whale vomit, in the form of ambergris, has been a source of amusement to me for at least 4 decades. I would be loath to eschew further contact with ambergris, and the outrageous prices for such products as "eau de whale puke", sometimes commanding $50 per micro-milliliter, for a lab created substance which would be equally expensive. Authentic whale vomit, collected responsibly, should be the way to go. Insane environmentalists, and their equally insane research scientist counterparts should reach an amicable agreement by dueling with sabers in Lyon, France, or Aruba (using voodoo dolls).

" Promise her anything, but give her whale vomit. "

Thar she blooms!
Oh, and "Oiks! I've been kidnapped by Spammers!"

So I'm confused by the story...does whale vomit attract or repel whales? And what about sperm whales?

what exactly are they trying to harvest? And are women
so lonely that they need to attrack whales or sperm? Or is the goal to repel whales and/or sperm?

Love is a mystery and I'll just say thats for the hallibut.

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