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April 12, 2012


Drinking Alcohol May Significantly Enhance Problem Solving Skills

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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Homer Simpson's quote:
To alcohol -- cause of and solution to all of life's problems.

There are certainly a great many people out there whose mathematical skills are not diminished by alcohol. Not to mention their driving skills.

True to a point, pagraig, but the math skills do diminish with too much alcohol -- evidenced by the inability to distinguish between a 3 and a 10.

Not to mention the problem making skills.

Dan, with some creative thinking though, you realize that a 3 can be just as good as a 10, at least for the immediate future and especially after you deduce that you are only a 4 yourself.

This has allus werked perty good fer Moi Ownself ... if I consume enuf, the problems solve their ownselfs by merely disappearin' ...

A 4?? Thanks for the compliment!

You need all the skills you can muster to crawl all the way home.

Well known ancient technique and basis for the 3 martini lunch. Some ancient societies even formalized it by having the drunken council on a problem where the spirits and solutions flowed freely and then the next afternoon they would have the hungover council where they would dig through the cocktail napkins to find a solution that would work in reality.

all fun & games til you suffer the aftermath

Sometimes, the key is to NOT concentrate.
How many times have you been trying all day to remember the name of that guy with the green hair last Christmas?
You concentrate all day, thinking about it until you realize what you needed to do instead, which was file your taxes, and it eludes you.
Then you shoot up in bed at 3 a.m. and shout "Josh!" at your significant other, who thinks you're being invaded and crowns you with the baseball bat she keeps for just such occasions.
But on the way to the hospital, you smile and think, "Josh".

Not many, Steve ... with me, it's usually the gal with the red (as in "candy-apple") hair ... and her name wuzn't "Josh" ... might've been "Diane" ... or "Murgatroyd" ... I fergit right now ...

I wonder how many ales Ben Franklin had before he flew that kite and said, "My noble friend, hold my tankard and watch this!"

Dan, I was talking about my own experience. I am sure you rated much higher. 4 1/2?

The Friday Sudoku is always the hardest in order to challenge those riding home after a few TGIF cold ones.

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