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April 17, 2012


Kim Kardashian Wants to be Mayor of Glendale, California

(Thanks to Ms. Flukey)


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Hmm, Glendale? Never heard of it.

*Looks at map*

No. NO NO NO! That is too close to here. Far too close. Has she considered, say, Paris, TX or maybe somewhere in Vermont?

♫ Somebody robbed the Glendale brain ♪

*Qualified Geezers will not need to look that up*

Another town to cross off my list of Places to visit...assuming she wins.

Can't we send the Kardasians back to their own planet? They were never very helpful or friendly on
their first "reality" show, Deep Space Nine.

Don't worry. Even if she got in, she'd quit after 72 days.

she's no doubt blow that job

You think that's strange, I heard that Arnie Schwarzenegger wanted to be Governor of California for a while.

^ i no doubt blew that post

I'd make a crack about folks in CA being stupid enough to elect her, butt then again, my state is the home of former Governor Jesse Ventura and current Senator Al Franken.


i hear she gives quite the oral presentation

What's unusual about Californicating Kardashians?

I agree with one of the comments under the story. The Mayans were right.

Glendale is the new Armenia. It's quite possible they would elect a Kardashian.

Can she rename it Kimdale?

Campaign promise: "If elected I will move Glendale to Florida."

She'd be in a perfect position to help Barbara Boxer save the polar bears.

Glad California is still a couple of states away....the state of confusion, and the state of tastelessness....

Meanie .. "this mornin' at half past nine"?

I will now take my preserved seat on the bus, happily.

Dan S. ... several years ago, the dad of one of my classmates passed away. At the house after services, we were catching up on stuff we'd done since our last visit. (He lives in The Cities.) ...

He said, "Our Governor can beat up your Governor."

I said, "Please! PLEASE!"

Oh, somebody blogged this Glendale thing,
This morning at half past nine.
Somebody blogged a Glendale tale,
And I swear I ain't lyin'.

We very nearly got away
Without a New Riders riff,
'Till somebody blogged a Glendale thing,
And rowed off ... in a skiff.

Take it, geezers!

"Fabulous Glendale is a few blocks south..." of "beautiful downtown Burbank."

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