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April 19, 2012


Unfortunately our strict policy prohibits us from presenting the Hong Kong Taxi Driver of the Day.

(Thanks to Jenny Kellner's friend Russell)


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He must be from that town in Austria.

If the driver had been a female-gender-type person, would the license read: "Fu King Wo Man" ... ?

Fu King Brilliant!

his brothers are joe and chuck

...& sister Su (rhymes with Fu?)

Homo sapiens better watch out then, the future is Homo futere.

I dunno. I've still got a very soft spot for Sheila Dikshit.

A ride in his cab is like a wild trip in Mad Max!

And if you survive he discounts the requested tip...

(I have a friend in HK)...

They also speak English in Hong Kong. I wonder if Fu's parents named him "King Man" on purpose.

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