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April 25, 2012


HOOKSETT, N.H. -- A teen driver who pointed a flare gun at another driver ended up firing a flare into his own car, police said.

(Thanks to Poker and Unholy Slacker)


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He was making an example of it. That'll teach it.

Send him to washington -

didn't john edwards get fired over his aflare?

Normally teenage males are remarkably accurate when firing flare guns from a moving vehicle. Was he also texting?

With his flare for driving, are you sure he wasn't from Florida?

I know when MY car is on fire, the first place I drive to is a GAS station.

And I refuse to acknowledge that this incident took place 4 towns away from me.


That wasn't very bright.

I went through the Hooksett toll twice yesterday; nobody was firing anything in the Easy-Pass lanes. Many NH drivers know better; the biggest gun shop in the state is in Hooksett ( http://www.rileysguns.com/ ), and they sell much more powerful weapons. This idiot was lucky he didn't fire at a customer.

If I, as a typical teenager, had set off a flare in my car, there would have been a fart-related explosion enough to enable a flash photo of the moon.

Let he who is without flare fire the first ... wait, I don't think that works.

Aw, he's merely manic-depressive ... and had a little temper flare up ...

Police believe gesturing was involved, it says.

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