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April 18, 2012


Man attacked wife with Cheez-It snacks over Earth Day concert

(Thanks to funny man)


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I've been relying on the newspaper comics (geezer alert) to get my news on Earth Day. I was under the impression that it was this coming Sunday.
Part of me will die if I find out the comics aren't reliable, anymore.
Look at Blondie. She looks great for someone 186 years old. (disclaimer: not intended as a factual statement).
Now, that's reliability.

Well, the headline is kinda vaguely constructed ... not clear whether he attacked her BECUZ she had a box of cheeze-dealies, or he attacked her while usin' it as a weapon, or he attacked the box of cheeze-dealies by swingin' her around and smackin' the container with her, or the cheeze-dealies attacked him, and he save her life by fightin' it off ...

But the story made it a lot clearer ...

Coming soon to a kitchen near you:

KID: "Mom, can I have some Cheez-Its?"

MOM: "You'll shoot your eye out, kid!"

Good one Dan S. I remember my late father used to have a large pop and pretzels and CHEEZ-ITS as he sat down to watch 3 pro football games simultaneously. (3 tv sets)

Eco terrorism. In a cracker.

Save the Earth. Eat the box too.

Aha! I just checked an alternate and probably not-as-accurate source, Bing. Earth Day IS this coming Sunday.
The legendary reliability of the comics is confirmed.

Cheez-it! The cops!

Well played Omni, well played.

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