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April 19, 2012


Men pay price for not reading instructions on hair removal cream as review pages detail painful genital experiences

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)

We saw Painful Genital Experiences open for the Sex Pistols.


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"I can withstand a LOT of pain!"

"I wuz worng ... I can't ..."

Real men don't read no damn instructions. Ouch ouch ouch.

caution: may leave male genitalia looking like this

They think removing the grass will make the tree look taller? Certainly trimming the grass is safer for the tree than setting the grass on fire, unless you trim with a machete that is.

Nice visual WVplantman.

I think most men would forego the "I never read directions" rule when it comes to applying new substances anywhere near the ol' kibbles and bits.

Goodness gracious Great Balls of Fire!

*snork* @ ms. flukey!

hair today, groin groan tomorrow

Well now, see, it's a dare!

Actually, not reading instructions is okay but if a guy does it a second time then he's stupid!

What are directions?

Um, folks are familiar, right? with the bald-head effects of chemotherapy? Without oversharing, let me just say that the head is not the only place that defoliates. Not a lot of sympathy for those who try to accomplish it voluntarily.

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