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April 20, 2012


When Domino's Pizza in the Netherlands started using electric scooters they were presumably worried the silent engines could be hazard to pedestrians, because they added a sound effect.

But rather than record a traditional engine noise, they used the sounds of a man "Domino’s!" and "pizza!" between revving noises. Genius!

Watch the video. Try to imagine being the driver.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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The same Dutch who gave us Focus Hokus Pokus.


It'd werk more effectively if it said "I'm a Harley-Davidson! Get outta the dang way!"

This way, the driver can text without having to
yell at those pesky pedestrians!

Whoever thought that up is a genius. I bet they'll sell a lot of pizza. But they should add "mmmmmmmmmmmm 123456789" or whatever their phone number is.

If the driver looks a tad, um, crusty, does his boss tell him to "flour it"?

You just know this can only end in a hostage situation.

In related news, Dominos/Netherlands is in disarray after its scooter-delivery force quit en masse.

Apparently, it makes idiots on bicycles follow him.

Not genius. It's ... oh, what is the word? Ah! Idiocy! That's it.

Wouldn't baseball cards on the spokes have been just as effective and cheaper?

American ingenuity knows how to play :)

Yeah, I'd definitely wear a darker visor if I had to ride that.

I can just imagine very soon it will have the same effect as the non stop "turkey in the straw" ice cream vendors who seem to drive around neighborhoods endlessly.

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