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April 20, 2012


Unfortunately our strict policy prohibits us from presenting the College Baseball Update.

(Via Deadspin)


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Clever werd selection by them sportswriter types, eh?

Patriots beat Cocks? They do?

Wull, y'all know how lonesome that soldier-type duty can get, eh?

Key quote: "It was a long time coming . . ."

Excuse me for asking, but don't most freshmen in college beat cocks? This is not news....

another key quote: "You could see the emotion in the players.”

Calling them "players" seems a bit premature. Surely some of them are serious about relationships.

Let's not juxtapose "premature" with "beat cocks", guys...

Too wordy. They could have run with just:

"Patriots Beat Cocks: Team christens new stadium"

Lots of girls in South Carolina post on Facebook how much they love the Cocks. They have no idea.

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