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April 11, 2012


According to a Boston Police report, the men “were covered head to toe with all sorts of condiment type substances.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody, Alkali Bill and Jeff Meyerson)


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"Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

Dave- Did they know that these condiments did not need to be refrigerated?

"Police found red Solo cups with beer and sardines in them."

I don't think Toby Keith mentions that one.

'...police say they found framed photos of members of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity inside.'

Did you say mustard?

'round here, we call that "Wednesday".

Duct tape AND alcohol wuz involved? Shazam!!!

The Dean told 7News two of the fraternity members involved in the incident are already slated to be expelled from the university because of their involvement with the sorority hazing incident last month.

Is this implying that girls arnen't smart enough to haze their own ? Cmon women, we men are tired of hazing sorority girls. I am free this weekend though......if you really need help and all.....

At least we know how to spell 'aren't' LeDud. Now come over here so we blog ladies can tie you up with some duct tape.

Poker -- only the ketchup should be in the fridge.

This is Heck Week for my oldest at Valpo. Since I paid the bill, I hope to hear the stories.

condiment type? what exactly is taht? is it 'ketchup' or a ketchup type?

Boy, Dean Wormer is REALLY gonna be mad!

Mean Mr. Mustard ... etc.

Thank you sir, may I have another?

Look what you've done. Now I have to watch Animal House tonight.

The other event. Probably just guys serving hotdogs to the sorority sisters.

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