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April 14, 2012


Woman impregnated at Motorhead concert seeks father on Craigslist

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Bizzare. Every knows you go on Maury when looking for a father. Doesn't she??

"raw dog" ... ? Ever the adapting and changing language, this American English ...

(Yeah, I get it ... merely never heard it described quite that way before ... rather crudely apt, eh?)

Employing the expertise of a psychic schooled in geriatrics and/or large moles may well yield results regarding the ongoing search.

Did you say Chicago? Phew, if it was Boston I'd be worried.

Man, if I were a little kid, I'd sure want someone with a red mohawk and viper piercings to be part of MY life.

uh-oh: you didn't poker, did you?!

maybe miss blue hair & mr red mohawk's offspring will have lovely purple locks

and chains

and tats....

Let us all pray that she finds a nice couple to adopt the kid.


She actually WANTS to find HIM?!?...

"If you're a dude with a red Mohawk who recently got lucky at a Motörhead/Megadeth concert in the bathroom..."

I don't think I'd wish for that kind of "luck."

♫ 'i should have danced all night'

"Ride, Captain ride, upon your mystery ship"...

Did he have auroras? Hopefully he comes forward

"Mommy, tell me again of that magical day when you and Daddy met and fell in love."

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