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April 13, 2012


"Katy Perry farted on me once. She did a fart and ran away and said 'I just farted'," Sam said.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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This is whut it takes to survive in the life of a "famous" person? Sumbuddy has an attack of flatulenceness in yer presence?

Heck, I've been "famous" since I wuz in fourth grade ... merely sayin' ...

People are so rude today to first talk about something and then tell everyone that will listen stupid stuff. That is in my opinion so ignorant. Then they wonder why their relationships didn't work out or they got divorced. People shouldn't gossip like they do. It's unhealthy.

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'Baby you're a fiiiiirework'


However you definite that (non-)word I wouldn't classify Katy Perry there. Now Snooki, maybe...

Jeff ... neither one, for Moi Ownself ... without sum guidance and fotos, I really don't know who either of those "names" would be ... but then, I don't get out much ...

Too bad Robin Leach isn't with us anymore. I'm sure he'd like to have done a special, with the working title of "Farts and Belch's of The Rich and Famous"...

But of course, there's always A&E channel....

"I went up and said 'Hi Katy' and she just farted. That was it,....."

He sounds brokenhearted.

Yup. So ... if the key to "success" or "status" is bein' subjected to flatulationalismness ... well, guessin' I've missed that particular boat ... only ones who direct that towards me are the youngest grandkids, and they soon grow outta that behaviorial pattern ...

He shoulda captured it in a jar - which he apparently didn't just happen to have with him. Coulda sold it on eBay for major bucks. People'll buy anything.

If I could save farts
In a bottle....

"maybe one year or two years ago"

He couldn't check his diary and be more precise?

P.S. There are times I really fear that Western Civilization is doomed. Then there are other times when I freakin' KNOW it.

Maybe she didn't mean to fart on him but just in his general direction?

Robin Leach is still "with us", meaning he ain't dead yet.

Wasn't there a kid's book, something like Everybody Poots ('specially within one block of a Taco Bell)?

I fart in your general direction.

PS - Your mother was a hamster.

And it smelled like flowers.

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