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April 20, 2012


Here's a fun holiday thing to do in St. Martin: Stand directly behind a large jet taking off.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Where have I seen this before?

I dunno ... but it's still stoopid to do this ...

Perfect for the person born without a brain.

Is that a Kardashian? I hope?

I now have a gameplan to get thonged women to run after me. (Of course I could be dead at that point.)

Headline: Girl blown by a plane.

I didn't know planes would do that.

Even funnier headline: Woman standing behind jet plane takes off.

So what did she take off? Her clothes? Or was she
doing some kind of drugs or alcohol?

I guess the plane had to wait till she was clear?

Paging the Darwin Awards committee...

Same thing sometimes happens to people walking behind me leaving San Antonio Bar & Grill.

OtU, you may have seen it on TV. I'm fairly sure this practice came in high on a Smoking Gun: World's Dumbest list.

Their video showed three young men sent a$$-over-teacup by the jetwash.

OtU, you may also be thinking of the "Most Extreme Airports" documentary that was on the History Channel a couple of years ago.

OtU, wiredog posted this on FB and that's probably where you saw it. The only difference is wiredog mentioned something about how he wished their bikinis had been blown off. This brings back so many Air Force childhood memories. Except I knew better than to stand next to a jet that was getting ready to take off. Morons.

Well this looks to be a turbofan engine, so at least the air wasn't that hot. Standing behind an Air Force jet during takeoff would be much more horrific.

A woman blown into a wall? All I saw were thongs...

OK ... prolly one of them places ...

One more question ...

n'cin' ... tell me more about your bikini part ... and, fotos, please?

O t U, you'll have to ask wiredog. He's the one looking for the blown off bikinis which, if you think about it, wbagnfarb.

I don't care about his treasure hunt curiousity ... I'm askin' about yer "bandage masqueradin' as a swimsuit" ... whut color ... and that sorta thing ... merely fer scientifical researchness, of course ...

Goin' there just to plane-watch for my 60th birthday in October. But I plan to stand under incoming planes, not in the jetwash of aircraft taking off. That's just crazy.

Why blow dry your hair when you can Jet_Wash it to a nice crisp?

Blonde lady in the red and white bikini, help! Is your number 9-1-1?

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