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April 08, 2012


Guitar Pee


Video here.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb, Rich Alpin and Marc)


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This is definitely for the person that doesn't like video games. If he takes the time out to pee than this game may be for him. Too funny. (Maybe Mr. Mitch may like it)

Freebird !

Just the thing for the man cave. Gives a whole new meaning to "guitar whiz."

It even has its own IP address.

"some might find this lude" can we get a ruling from Mr. Language person? 'lude is a term afaik from the halcyon days of cocaine (when people thought it was cool and not addicitve) when it was the nickname for methaqualone tablets Quaaludes. did the writer mean LEWD and just mispell? and if so, was an editor involved anywhere in the process?

He Has Risen! Happy Easter ALL!

Now on to the topic.

If it sounds like s#!^, you're in the wrong stall.

Can you smash it or set it on fire?

- and for those who need to 'take a seat': Drum Bum

If it plays either "Purple Rain" or "Ring of Fire", see a doctor.

Likewise on "Smoke on the Water."

Make a fortune in tips!

really outta be shaped like a peeano,
who doesn't like to tinkle the ivories ?

Does it come with a guitar shaped mop so you can clean up the mistakes?

Wife to husband. "Dear, what are you doing in the bathroom for so long?" Husband to wife. "Working on my version of Stranglehold." Kudos to the Nuge

♫ Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On! ♪

- Jerry Pee Lewis

How much water do you need to drink to play "Stairway to Heaven" on that thing?

Snort to all. Funny.

Hate to be the one that has to change the strings.....

It's a pee'r to pee'r network?

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