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April 03, 2012


Revolutionary neutering method means dogs get to keep their testicles

(Thanks to Catherine)


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Interestin' quote: "It’s also used to subdue overly aggressive dogs."

*Foresees a time when spiking bar drinks with zinc will be a viable option on a "special - Ladies only" menu ... *

Oh, Lord. Don't tell the Virginia legislature about this ... oh, wait ... it's for mail dogs. Never mind.

Obviously, I meant "male," not "mail."

"...there have been some minor side effects in a small number of cases, such as vomiting and loss of appetite."

This is similar to the previous story, except this time it's zinc instead of maggots added to the bag of nuts.

The dog will still want a truck at the end of the deal.

Because they can!

sounds like they've licked the problem

Watch " America's Next Top Model " for three hours and... voila !

I'd make a comment about earrings but I hear tell there's a woman with a machete around here....so I'll ah, pass ....

i have a bad reaction to zinc. so, glad i dont need that. these are dogs. what is the problem with zee old snippety snip?

Queensbee, Male dog owners don't like the 'snippety snip' because they empathize with their dogs. I'm not clear whether the chemical sterlization reduces testosterone, one of the roots of dog aggression and fence jumping. Wonder if the prosthetic replacement 'balls' are still being made. I don't think the dogs cared, but it seemed to help the men who owned them.

My guess is that the zinc solution prolly scars the vas deferens, which would sorta go toward a preclusion of the effective portion of the offending solution ...

Or mebbe not ... could merely be the anti-sunburn factor ...

That's ruff!

If the zinc scars and clogs things up, will the new exclamation of admiration among dogs will be that "he has solid zinc balls"?
Naw, brass just sounds more impressive.

Got my dogs, "fixed" last month. Though they were not broken.

Didn't empathize cause don't think that he knows.

Once I removed the "cone of shame," he went right back to licking his privates as though the dangly bits were gone.

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